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    Xinhua Yunnan (Pu'er) coffee price index Conference


           Xinhua news agency, Beijing, November 1 (reporter Ding Yawen, Dong daoyong) Xinhua Yunnan (Pu'er) coffee price index was officially released in Beijing on November 1. The price index aims to enhance the influence and international popularity of Yunnan coffee brand and provide wind vane, barometer and lightning rod for government monitoring, scientific planting and trade decision-making.

    The picture shows the scene of Xinhua Yunnan (Pu'er) coffee price index Conference

      Xinhua Yunnan (Pu'er) coffee price index was jointly compiled and released by China economic information agency, Yunnan Pu'er Municipal People's government and Yunnan International Coffee Trading Center. The index system covers "Xinhua Yunnan (Pu'er) comprehensive price index" and "Xinhua Yunnan (Pu'er) single product price index". The samples are raw coffee beans, covering five major coffee producing areas in Yunnan Province, including Pu'er, Dehong, Baoshan, Lincang and Xishuangbanna.

    The picture shows Zhang Guohua, vice governor of Yunnan Province, delivering a speech at the Xinhua Yunnan (Pu'er) coffee price index Conference

      Zhang Guohua, vice governor of Yunnan Province, said that at present, Yunnan accounts for more than 98% of the country's coffee planting area and total output, and is the largest coffee planting center, trade distribution center and export center in China. The development of coffee industry urgently needs to establish a set of authoritative, influential and fair price index system. By providing real, sensitive and systematic price information, it can reflect the changing trend of coffee industry, so as to strengthen the foresight ability of policy planning and the early warning ability of market operation, and promote the stable and healthy development of the industry. The release of coffee price index will strongly promote the extension and upgrading of Yunnan coffee industry chain and targeted poverty alleviation.

      The picture shows Liu Zhengrong, vice president and Secretary General of Xinhua news agency, giving a speech at the coffee price index conference of Xinhua Yunnan (Pu'er)

      Liu Zhengrong, vice president and Secretary General of Xinhua news agency, said at the index conference that a number of industries with unique Yunnan characteristics have formed brand cluster effect and are well-known at home and abroad, including Yunnan "small coffee" known as "fragrant coffee". The release of Xinhua Yunnan (Pu'er) coffee price index is in line with the status of Yunnan coffee in the national coffee industry and the industrial representativeness. In the future, it will play an important reference value in price guidance, market guidance, etc., will be beneficial to the development of Yunnan coffee industry and the promotion of its influence, and will be beneficial to the income increase of ethnic minority coffee farmers in the border areas, as well as It is beneficial to the healthy and orderly development of China's coffee market.

    The picture shows Hu Guoyun, executive vice mayor of Pu'er, delivering a speech at the new China Yunnan (Pu'er) coffee price index Conference

      "The project team went to Pu'er City, Baoshan City, Xishuangbanna state, Dehong state and other key coffee planting areas in Yunnan Province to conduct in-depth research, and successively established more than 10 information collection points, and finally expanded the index index system from the original 15 items to more than 60 items. The index can not only provide the government with the basis for macro decision-making, but also provide the price guidance for the manufacturers to purchase and sell, and more directly serve the increase of production and income of the farmers. " Hu Guoyun, executive vice mayor of Pu'er City, said.

    The figure shows the operation report of Xinhua Yunnan (Pu'er) coffee price index

      The operation results show that since the base period (November 3, 2017), the comprehensive price index of coffee in Xinhua Yunnan (Pu'er) has shown a downward trend of shocks. On October 12, 2018, the index was 812.69 points, down 3.59 points compared with the previous period, 187.31 points or 18.73% compared with the base period (1000 points).
           According to analysis, the decline of coffee price in China is mainly affected by the decline of international coffee market price. During the coffee production season of 2017 / 2018, Brazil, the world's largest coffee producer, achieved a great harvest, leading to oversupply in the international market. In addition, capital speculation and other factors in the futures market, bad news was transmitted to the domestic coffee market, which seriously inhibited the floating space of the domestic coffee bean price. In addition, since the 2017 / 2018 coffee purchase season, Starbucks and other enterprises have significantly reduced their purchase volume, once again squeezing the space for coffee bean price increase.

           The running results also show that the premium space of high quality coffee beans is large and the falling resistance is strong. Compared with the base period, on October 12, the price of premium grade II coffee beans slightly increased by 3.72%, and the decline of other varieties was more than 10%, among which the decline of commercial grade III and below coffee beans was more than 25%.

    This shows that cultivating high-quality coffee beans is the direction of future industrial development. Although the market share of high-quality coffee beans is relatively small at this stage, under the condition that the pricing of commercial grade coffee beans is basically subject to the international futures price, cultivating high-quality coffee beans, getting rid of the inhibition of futures price and expanding the profit space of coffee farmers and coffee enterprises are the future development direction of the industry.

    Yunnan International Coffee Trading Center of Jinyuan flower launched "target price insurance" to inject a strong shot into Yunnan coffee industry


    "Cloud flower" digital exhibition hall construction project started in Kunming

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